To be the best shrimp in the world

Our Madagascar shrimp

Take a quick look!

The Madagascar shrimp is like a delicate comma curled up on a continent. In the way it is one with its environment, the shrimp commands respect; concentrated on itself, with its hypersensitive antennae and openness to others, the eco-friendly and environmentally responsible shrimp has inspired human beings for generations.
This shrimp is both UNIMA’s symbol and inspiration.

Its carapace remains its most beautiful outfit.
Fierce but respectful, our shrimp likes to adorn itself with beautiful black stripes, a little tiger, a little mascara.
With brown eyes and antennae like luminous paintbrushes, she’s got style.

Let’s cut to the chase: the life of the Penaeus monodon corresponds to a preserved life in an eco-responsible environment: peaceful youth in tropical marine habitats, blossoming adolescence in coastal estuaries or mangroves. All in harmony with the planet, Madagascar and its own nature.

Our shrimp on a plate

Look closely, our Madagascar shrimp take centre stage on the plate. Light and refined, these shrimp have nourished humans for generations.
We no longer hide it, nor reduce it. Firm, crunchy, juicy, it’s just captured in its nobility, its pride, its questioning and joyful comma.
Taste it, its royal flavors have no equal.

Our idea?

An exquisite shrimp, of course, but also, and above all, one that is unforgettable, fragrant, fresh, firm, and crisp… We know that one day, it will feature as the centrepiece on a plate and be silently savoured. We want it rich in protein, low in fat, and good for cholesterol. It is.
0 %
A shrimp is 21% protein.

Our shrimp in the Mangrove

The secret of a good shrimp is its suitability for its terroir. If the Penaeus monodon shrimp flourishes in Madagascar, if it has firmness, a solid shell and generous flesh, it’s the tropical water, the low density of congeners, thequality food, the domestication, the reproduction for 19 generations. This is our commitment to Madagascar.

"Our work is as transparent as water". Comme l’eau.“

It is not a secret. Our work is transparent. Like the water in our ponds. Water that’s just as pure, in a totally preserved environment, with no source of pollution. Come and see this delicate human chain, like an accomplice, with quality food accompanying the animal welfare. When you grab a shrimp in the hand, it doesn’t flutter, it can be felt. It is trusting.

Quality labels

Rest assured, certified superior quality is a long, eco-responsible journey that we know by heart.
We’ve been working on it for years.
Our shrimp is the only one in the world to be certified Label Rouge.  

It is certified organic and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council).
The same goes for food hygiene and safety: IFS (International Featured Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Our products

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