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Our Madagascar shrimp

Take a quick look!

The Madagascar shrimp is like a delicate comma curled up on a continent. In the way it is one with its environment, the shrimp commands respect; concentrated on itself, with its hypersensitive antennae and openness to others, the eco-friendly and environmentally responsible shrimp has inspired human beings for generations.
This shrimp is both UNIMA’s symbol and inspiration.

Sa carapace reste sa plus belle tenue. Farouche mais respectueuse, notre crevette aime se parer de belles rayures noires, un peu tigres, un peu mascara. Des yeux marrons, mais surtout des antennes comme des pinceaux lumineux, elle a de l’allure.

Faisons court: la vie de la Penaeus monodon correspond à une vie préservée dans un milieu éco-responsable: jeunesse paisible dans les habitats marins tropicaux, adolescence épanouie dans les estuaires côtiers ou les mangroves. Tout cela en péréquation avec la planète, Madagascar et sa propre nature.

Our shrimp on a plate

Look closely, our Madagascar shrimp take centre stage on the plate. Light and refined, these shrimp have nourished humans for generations.
We no longer conceal nor diminish its significance. Firm, crisp and juicy, the shrimp is captured in all its glory, an inviting and joyful comma. Taste it. Its royal flavours are unrivalled.

Our idea?

An exquisite shrimp, of course, but also, and above all, one that is unforgettable, fragrant, fresh, firm, and crisp… We know that one day, it will feature as the centrepiece on a plate and be silently savoured. We want it rich in protein, low in fat, and good for cholesterol. It is.
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A shrimp is 21% protein.

Our shrimp in the Mangrove

The secret to a good shrimp is to match it to its environment.
The penaeus monodon shrimp flourishes in Madagascar. It is firm and meaty with a solid shell. This is entirely thanks to the tropical water, thelow density stocking approach, high quality food, and a domestication and breeding tradition that spans 19 generations. This is our commitment to Madagascar.

"Our work is as transparent as water". Comme l’eau.“

It is not a secret. Our work is transparent. Like the water in our ponds. The water is brilliantly pure, the environment pristinely preserved, and there is no source of pollution.

Come, we invite you to discover this delicate human chain that thrives in tandem with high quality food and exceptional animal welfare. When a shrimp is handledit does not panic, it lets itself be held. It is trusting.

Quality labels

Rest assured, certified exceptional quality is a long and ecologically stringent process that that we know by heart. We have been working within these parameters for years. Our shrimp is the only shrimp in the world to be awarded the French “Label Rouge” quality label 

It is also Organic Agriculture and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council label) certified. The same is true for our food hygiene and safety: we are IFS (International Featured Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified.

Our products

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UNIMA Selection / UNIMA product ranges Nature / UNIMA Horizons.
We are bound to offer a product that will meet your needs (raw, frozen, cooked and frozen or cooked and chilled).

A range of products that are sorted and selected with extreme care to offer you the best shrimp that live up to their reputation.
High quality products for all gourmets.
shrimp species from foreign producers that share UNIMA’s values and commitments: animal welfare, environmental protection and, above all, delicious taste!